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Nashville Painters

#1 Painting Contractors in Nashville
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About us

Nashville PaintersHi I’m Erick (and that’s my wife on the left). I’m you’re local Nashville house painter! I’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the best professional painters in Nashville and have managed to build a reputation for providing a level of quality service that you just don’t see anymore these days.

I started Nashville Painters because I love helping my neighbors and friends in Nashville, Franklin and Brentwood with their latest house painting projects. In fact, it’s a pleasure to be able to meet such great people! The moment I step into your house, it’s my mission to make your vision of a beautiful home come to life.

So pick Nashville Painters for your home improvement, and make me your house painter today!

Painting Services

Weather you’re looking for someone to paint your home to sell it, or you’re in need of a remodel of your home, Nashville Painters is the first choice in competent and trustworthy house painters in town!

The average kitchen can get really messy over the years. With all the cooking and cleaning that’s done, it doesn’t surprise us to find minor burns, chips and cracks in walls, markings of all different types, scrapes etc. Our company specializes in interior painting, and we’d love the opportunity to meet with you some time about your kitchen! So call us today or fill out our painting estimate form so we can get started right away! Read more about kitchen painting here.

Your dining room area is one of the most important places to have well decorated and painted when having guests over. Weather you’re holding a dinner party or you just want to enjoy a pleasant environment during family meals, how you’ve painted your dining room will make a big difference in the feel of your home. So call Nashville Painters to take your vision of a perfect dining room to life! Read more about dining room painting here.

The living room is a space where families often tend to spend most of their time. Weather it’s to watch a movie, entertain guests, celebrate holidays or just lounge around, having a beautifully painted living room will definitely affect the look and feel of your home. Hire a professional painter with experience and with a reputation of competence when it comes to your living room painting. You can read more about living room painting here.

When it comes time to go to bed, feeling comfortable where you sleep is important. We love helping our friends and neighbors across town with their bedroom painting because we know at the end of the day that we’ve helped someone enjoy their space just a little more. Nashville Painters will help you create a beautiful scene in your bedroom so that you can be happy with your sleeping space. For more info on this topic, check out our bedroom painting page.

Your bathrooms are one of the biggest selling points of your home (along with the kitchen area). That’s why it’s important that hire a painting contractor who knows bathroom painting. It’s also important that you enjoy where you live! If you’re not selling your home but you just want to paint your bathroom for the purpose of loving where you live, it’s still just as important to bring on a painter who understands this and who can deliver what you’re looking for. Find out more about bathroom painting here.

Home Interior Painting Skills

When it comes to painting your home interior, hire someone who is skilled, experienced and someone you can trust in your home. Nashville Painters takes pride in being the most trusted house painters in Middle Tennessee.
Interior Painting

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Contact Us

Need to speak with someone? Fill out our contact form below, or ask us for a painting estimate! We’ll be happy to help you out! We look forward to hearing from  you.

The form to the right can be filled out for us to get you an estimate on your painting project. Give us a few details and we’ll be happy to work with you to figure out a price.

If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call! Our phone number and address are located below here. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Nashville Painters
5543 Edmondson Pike #276
Nashville, TN 37211

Phone:    (615) 433-5455