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Nashville House PainterWelcome to Nashville Painters! This website is dedicated to getting you connected up with the top painting contractors in the Nashville area. Since we have extensive experience in house painting, we decided to create this website so that you can be assured you’re in good hands with our local painting contractors.

There are many things that you should keep an eye out for when deciding on a local painting contractor. It can be a tough decision to make, unless you were referred to a painter by a friend or family member. However even in those situations, you can’t be certain that the painting contractor you hire is competent at what he does unless you take a look at a few very important things. We’re going to cover some of the things to look out for when choosing your painter, and if anywhere along the way you’d be interested in hiring a painter, please contact us!

Professional Painting Experience

One of the first things that you should take a look at is how long the painter has been in business. Do they have experience painting commercial properties? Are they experienced in residential work?

Every once in a while you might find a guy who has had 20 years experience painting commercial properties at “XYZ Painting Company”. This does not mean that he is a professional in all aspects of painting. In fact, this guy probably isn’t the person you’d want to hire for your next house painting project because of his lack of experience in painting houses.

Although 20 years of experience in commercial painting may sound impressive, it is completely different from house painting. A commercial painter works by certain rules and regulations that may not apply to a house painter. In some cases they can be rather messy because of the fact that most commercial work also includes commercial cleanup. You don’t want someone coming into your house to paint the walls and find out that they’ve spilled paint on the carpet due to carelessness.

Please note that we have nothing against commercial painters. We only want to bring this up because choosing the right local painter in Nashville means making some smart decisions. Making the right decisions depends on having the correct knowledge.

Now that you know to not hire a commercial painter for your house painting, what are some of the qualities of a professional house painter? First off, a professional painting contractor who specializes in houses will be able to perform lots of different tasks that involve very different procedure. Let’s take a look at what it means to be a professional house painter in Nashville.

Interior House Painting in Nashville

There are many aspects to the interior of your home. A local painting company should be able to competently paint the interior of your house. However, it’s important for you to know that the job may require several different skills and various knowledge of professional painting.

Let’s take a bedroom for example. When painting a bedroom, there is not too much to know other than to brush the paint on the wall. If the bedroom has a window, it needs to be masked off to ensure no dripping or spray gets on the window. If there’s trim or molding, you should mask these off too because often times these areas require a different type of paint. Now if you’re working with a contractor who claims to be a professional painter, and they suggest using the same paint that’s on the wall for the trim, you should definitely not hire them. They obviously don’t know what they’re doing.

When painting a ceiling your professional painter should know that by using a roller he needs to make sure to roll with the light (as opposed to rolling paint perpendicular to the lighting coming in from outside). If you’re not familiar with this method, the reason behind it is that you can often find streaks in the ceiling when light shines in.

It’s important that when you’re having your bedroom painted that your Nashville paint contractor knows the effects of different colors. You can ask him what he thinks about painting the room a dark color. Dark color will create a sort of “small effect”. That means that your room will appear somewhat smaller by using dark colors. We wouldn’t recommend this unless your bedroom is very large and you’re aware that it’ll appear smaller as a result of using a dark paint.

Your local painter should also know how many coats will need to be applied when using dark colors. You should ask him if he will use a primer or not (a primer won’t always be necessary). You can also ask your potential house painter about paint pricing when it comes to painting your bedroom. Painters often times get a discount on the paint that they buy. If your painter tells you that the price is the same as the price that you’d pay if you went to a paint store, then chances are he isn’t very experienced.

Now if we take a look at bathroom painting, it’s important to know what kind of paint is used. When painting the bathroom of a house, it’s usually a good idea to use an acrylic paint. The reason for this is that it is more resistant to mold build-up. When you’re constantly using a shower, the steam will often manage to create bubbles, cracks and even mold in your bathroom. It’s not uncommon to use an acrylic paint. This is especially true in apartments (however sometimes it is done in houses as well). Your Nashville painter should know about this. Feel free to ask your local paint contractor what kind of paint would be best when painting a bathroom.

The next thing to ask is about bathroom fixtures and masking when painting a bathroom. Some professional painters are able to get away with painting and not removing any fixtures. However toilets can be a huge hassle when it comes to bathroom painting. Sometimes sinks can be a hassle too. It’s important to ask your Nashville painter what he intends to do when painting the bathroom. Find out if he’ll remove fixtures, sinks and toilets to truly get all the walls of the bathroom and leave nothing behind. If you’re moving out of the house and just looking for cheap or inexpensive painting, then you might not actually care about this.

The next portion of interior painting that is most requested is kitchen painting. When it comes to kitchen painting, acrylic is still a paint that is often used by Nashville painters. The reason for this is mostly that acrylic paint is easier to clean. It doesn’t absorb in the same way that most common wall paints will. Ask your Nashville painter if they’ll use acrylic paint in the kitchen.

It’s possible that you won’t like acrylic paint for your kitchen area. If that’s the case, you should ask your Nashville painter about other options available instead of acrylic. The kitchen is one of the main selling spaces of your home. You should ensure that it is properly painted, and in a way that is convenient for you. Don’t skimp on this. While it may be appealing to have an affordable painter, it could mean the difference in selling your home or not. This is a vital aspect to building the value of your home.

The last spaces in terms of interior painting are primarily going to be living rooms and some garages. However these aren’t usually a request that’s made frequently in the Nashville or Davidson County areas. It is usually something that is added on with another living space (such as bathroom painting, kitchen painting, bedroom painting, and other interior painting). Make sure your local painting contractor knows what he’s doing with other rooms of the house.

Nashville Residential Exterior Painting

Throughout Nashville there are several hundreds of professional painters who focus on home exteriors. This often times includes getting your fence painted, getting your shed painted, and of course the more obvious option would be to get the exterior of your home painted.

There’s a lot of information to know about getting your home exterior painted in Nashville. First off, the weather might have a significant influence on the painting of the outside of your house. If it’s snowing, the paint will often times take a lot longer to dry. In fact if it’s cold enough outside, your paint may not dry at all. That’s why most people don’t call professional painting companies during winter and cold seasons.

The best time to call a Nashville painter for painting your home exterior is going to be during Spring, Summer and Fall. During these seasons your paint will dry. You can expect your home to be competently painted when the whether is hot.

The process usually starts with pressure washing your house so as to remove dirt and mold from the exterior. From there a painter will usually apply a primer for better adhesion of paint. The last step is to begin applying coats of paint to the exterior of the house. Without the proper application of primer it’s possible that moisture will remain under the coats of paint and then bubble and crack over time. Ask your local painter about the processes and ensure that they intend to prevent bubbling and cracking in the future.

Cheap exterior painters can sometimes be a problem because of the simple fact that they cut costs in materials in order to create appealing pricing. You don’t want a cheap painter to paint your home. In the painting industry you really get what you pay for.

Paint Contractor Costs

When it comes to determining pricing of your house painting in Nashville, there are several things to consider. Mostly a paint contractor will determine the cost of painting your rooms or the exterior of your house by measurement of the space.

The cost of interior painting will depend on how many differentcolors will usually  colors and types of paint that you need. If you need trim or molding painted, this is usually done with a paint that’s different from wall paint. A painter will charge based on linear feet. Then the painter will measure the wall and determine how much paint will be needed. Dark colors will usually cost more because of the fact that more coats need to be applied. If the wall needs a primer then it means that you’ll be paying even more.

Another thing to consider when it comes to house paint pricing is the amount of damage that’s been done to a wall. Holes can sometimes make a significant difference in the cost to paint your house.

Local Nashville Painting Contractors

There are several areas of Nashville. Our painters travel all throughout. You might live in Green Hills or in the 37215 zip code. Houses in Green hills are known for their historic architecture and culture. It’s not uncommon to find houses in the Green Hills area that are made with brick. Brick houses are not necessarily difficult to paint, however it is difficult to remove paint from these houses. So before having your brick house painted in the Green Hills area, make sure you’re certain you want to make that move.

Another one of the neighbrohoods in Nashville is West End (also sometimes called Mid Town). The West End area is in the 37203 zip code. This particular area has a lot of new construction happening. You’ll find a majority of the houses are in the Sylvan Park area, while in the city areas there are many condos and town homes.

The South Nashville area is also rich in culture and large homes. You’ll find many people living in the 37211 zip code having large houses. These are usually expensive paint jobs. If you live in this area, you’ll want a trustworthy painting contractor. The last thing you want is a paint contractor who will do a sloppy job, or even one who will steal from your home.

In Downtown Nashville there are many high-rise condos and apartments. It’s in the 37219 area that you’ll need a professional painter who has both residential and commercial painting experience. The reason for this is that many of the regulations and techniques that apply to commercial painting will be needed for residential painting in Downtown Nashville.

Whatever it is that you’re looking for, be sure to pick a competent Nashville painter like the ones represented here at Nashville Painters!